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just get skyblocker+ again or random donation of 25$ and i will rank you up
brock i will do that
Brock, yea, i think we can do that, let me check with canes, but yea, let me know when im on the server and ill tell you
joey if I donate $25 more can I get diamond
I applied for member and I haven't gotten a reply yet please reply
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Cops and robbers 4 is out!  The map features all new ways to play and different ways to escape! Join Eden Universe to experience this popular mini game's new update for your self! Invite Your Friends!
We have updated the server that
it is compatible with versions from
1.7.2 thru 1.7.9

We are also adding new features that need some
remodeling due to new updates, but the new social
lounge, The Ice Palace Nightclub, is being
built so you don't have to wander in spawn
while you are chatting with friends!!!
With VIP Lounges and more, you can
enjoy some good chatting
in a fun background.
Also if you have any ideas on new things
for the server, write them below!

Courtesy of:
- Joey [Titan] 
While remodeling spawn, i noticed that there is a lack of some
 small, stylish type of sculpture.
Whoever make a good building that fits in the pink
10x10 squares in spawn will get a prize.
Make sure to do it in a plotme and which ever 2 people make the best
sculpture will win the prize.
Your sculpture will be feature at our spawn!
Have fun!
mwpollard In the same plot, shown below, I have built a pizza parlor that I would like to enter it! Make sure to take a look!
[Admin] Joey Puga a Ok, ill try to check it out, if you see me ingame shout so i can check it out faster.
mwpollard I'm done make sure to check it out thx!

Server back up!

[Admin] Joey Puga a posted Mar 7, 14
Server is now back up, come join us and check out the new Prison we have set up for all of you!
We are really close to finishing. We have the newly remodeled spawn almost set up, prison is ready, and the plugin testing is almost over. We hope to see you guys again tomorrow and check out the new things the server will have to offer :D
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