Update For April

[Owner] Devin a posted Apr 2, 15

Hey guys! Welcome to anyone that is new to Eden! So this is going to be a monthly update on what we have planned, and just some announcements. First thing is supporting the server. There are many ways to support but here are the main ways; donating, suggesting things, and being active on the server. You get something out of doing any of these. Next thing is I will be setting up giveaways very soon, and constructing it so I don't have to repeat myself 50 times a day. There will be some giveaways for donators only, some for staff only, and some for all. Next is staff, I have plans in mind with staff, such as staff incentives, but that will be in the future. Also, I have set limits for how many people on what in each department, so if your app gets declined or canceled, then please understand we're full in that department or we're not recruiting at the moment. Last but not least, forum activity is amazing, I would like to see everyone contribute, whether it's suggesting something, or commenting your favorite game, or making a new thread! Thank you guys so much, and see ya on Eden!

Eden Universe

[Owner] Devin a posted Mar 4, 15

Welcome to Eden Universe! If you need anything feel free to message me on here or on the server (IGN:EdenDevin). We are going to be going through a progressive era with the server. We will be adding things to the server over time. If you have any suggestions, please let mrgocanes know. Below are a list of ways to get ranks (get asked so much), what we have now, and what ideas we have for the future.

Ways to get ranks:

  • From "Recruit" to "Member" - Be active and after a decent amount of time being on the server, I will promote you.
  • From Member to VIP - Be on the server for a while                                                        
  • From VIP to Creative - All of the above


What we have now:                                           

  • Sky-wars
  • Plots
  • Factions
  • Cops and Robbers
  • Sky Block
  • Teacher
  • Donor Ranks (On both website and server) (Click here for OP/Awesome Stuff)
  • Great Community
  • Organized Staff
  • YouTube channel (Click here)
  • Constantly improving on website

Ideas we have for the future:

  • More mini games (Give us ideas)
  • Giveaways
  • New spawn design (maybe)

Let mrgocanes know if you have any ideas about the server.

Apply For Staff: Staff Application

Donation Ranks: Shop

Captain_Budder5 Maybe in the future you could add maybe minigames or a hunger games server since most big servers include them.
EpicDudeEpic223 I would like a game of cops and robbers
iceman2528 x I think you should add Sky-Wars. It attracts players and is always a good feature on servers.
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