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Minecraft 1.8

[Owner] MrEdenMc a posted 2 hours ago
So bukkit has not update yet! I do not know when it will so, because this is a huge update i made a server for you guys to play on 1.8. This is  vanilla no plugins! keep in mine its just for fun!



[Owner] MrEdenMc a posted Sun at 11:05
Hello edeners, 

Lhyer & Canes have made a twitch account and have started streaming daily. If you would like to watch there stream go here: Thank you for your time in reading this. If you have a twitch account, please follow, it would help a lot. Spread the word! Thank you!

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For the person the makes the best server banner. Alright everyone, there is an opportunity for a free [Diamondrank in the server; we're hosting a contest for the creation of a new website banner!

Upload your 1060x160 banner to a site like (imgur ruins the quality of your image) and post the link below in the comments.
Fink19999 i just notcied that it said Website banner, never heard of it but i think its the icon at the top were it says the tabs ...

Eden is back up!

[Owner] MrEdenMc a posted Aug 2, 14
The server will be having some big changes as in a new spawn Created by the eden staff and we will now have new maps for Factions and a new teacher map for PvP.
Pictures of the new spawn:
NEW Survival games map!

What happen to old spawn?

Have you ever been killed by someone in creative or tried to kill someone then they flew away well no more!
Thanks to our new plugin, when you hit someone or someone hits you you both switch to survival mode. Try it today on Eden Universe!
Custom Plugin made by

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[Admin] McMaster710 Wow I can't believe that happened
Hello friends!

As some of you may know, Mojang recently released new commercial rules for Minecraft servers and we have decided to comply to these changes. This post outlines the majority of the changes required to do so.

Starting on August 1st, players will no longer be able to purchase Donor Ranks on our store.

Please take the time to read this post

The good news; All Donor Ranks purchased or earned prior to August 1st will remain on your account. Additionally, our community moving to the new EULA means that Mojang have declared networks like ours appropriate, so there will be no future uncertainty regarding the legitimacy of such networks.

The bad news; The server income might become limited which will result in downgrading of ram and speed or number of slots. We will only be doing Random Donation! You can donate just to help the server keep running.
[donate] HeroAlex8 one of my friends friend dad knows someone at Mojang so maybe i can ask my friend to see
[donate] CreeperHugger0_0 This sucks y Mojang Y?!?
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